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DevBlog 5 - We're back!

Coming back from a lengthy hiatus, we're back with some new things to share. Firstly, we'd like to announce the exciting new name change from Spell Thief to: Archon, as well as some changes to the game-play which we'll cover in later DevBlogs. Secondly we have a new team, some members have moved on from the project onto other things, and we've gained some new people and spread the responsibilities around.

The New Team and Roles:

Joshua D'Agostino: Lead Designer, Producer Deeon Burgan: Lead Producer Alexi Goncharuk: Lead Programmer Ace Fortunato: Lead Artist, Animator, VFX Ben Guest: Team Director, Programmer Michael Corben: Programmer

Ashwin Libera: Artist Paul Carter: Artist, Marketing David Condello: Artist, Animator Jessica Money: Artist, UI Artist, Social Media Management


Please look forward to our future blogs for more updates and information on Archon, and the improvements and additions we'll be implementing to the development of the game.

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