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Devblog 4 - Cleanup, Tutorials and more

November 23, 2018

Back End cleanup on Quests, interactable objects, Tutorial level and More!

More Back End Cleanup

Quest objective system has been cleaned up, and it is working very nicely (it no longers stacks and adds up on your screen). The Quest system also now allows us to add different requirements in order to progress to the next section of the game; you may need to kill a certain enemy or types of enemies, collect an item, flick a switch etc.

Other small bits of code has also been cleaned up.

Interactable Objects

Our programmer has been working on some interactable objects (such as chests, item pickups etc.) Having interactable objects will allow us a variety of opportunities to create objectives/quests for the game, as well allowing the player to do more than pick up an item and throw it at someone.

Tutorial Level

During PAX, there was a lot of difficulty for new players as we did not have a tutorial as it has been postponed for quite some time due to time constraints and a variety of issues, however we are now continuing the production of the tutorial level.The tutorial will give new players a run-down of how to play the game by introducing core mechanics and how to use them. Hopefully after playing through the tutorial (when it’s done), there will be far less deaths in the starting area.

More sections will be created. Currently only the bridge and first section are created - however they will teach basic mechanics such as shooting, grabbing etc.
First-pass level layout, still a Work in Progress

We are also trying out a new workflow for levels and environment, as the current environments are not exactly what we want. We will have designers create a layout of the level, send it over to the Artists, and they will send it back after making it look pretty - and then finally populate the level with all the goodies. This will hopefully speed up production in the creation of levels - as well as making the environments look nicer.

More Stuff

It has been a rather slow week due to end of the year coming, however we have managed to get a couple of things done within the week;

- Controller support implemented (still a work-in-progress)

- Enemy concepts and design (some modeling work has been completed)

- Boss concept and design (we have been going back and forth with the boss' design, but we'll get it done eventually ;)

- More character animations and abilities (created animations for taking cover, spell/ability casting)

That should be about it for this week's development blog, look forward to next week! We will continue to improve our game so everyone can enjoy it.

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If you are interested in giving our game a demo, we have our PAX build on our IndieDB page! We'll give an announcement for new build releases when possible!

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