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Devblog 3 - Spells and Objectives

November 16th 2018 - Created new spells, an objective system and lots of back end work

Back end Work

This week has seen a lot of work on our back end systems to make sure we can smoothly move forwards developing new content for the game. Mainly objectives and spells were touched but there were many small changes to other areas that needed a bit of a cleanup.


We created a new spell system this week allowing us to change the players load-out and create new spells quickly and easily. This opens up a lot of opportunity for us to create more spells that all have unique behaviors without being tied to the old projectile spell system. Currently the "Bolt" spells are default and the new spells such as "Blizzard" and "Ice Lance" are a separate game play mechanic. We are still fine tuning the way you gain access to the spells.

Objectives and UI

The new "Quest" or objective system has been implemented. This allows us to track any task the player needs to do (Open door etc.) and display it on the UI. The UI will display the current objectives on the side in order and show any requirements on them.

(UI Images are placeholder images)

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