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Devblog 2 - Throwing, Shaders and Shields

9th November 2018 - Added new throwable object animations, elemental shields, and shaders

Throwable Objects

This week the throwable objects got an upgrade with new animations and logic,

the previous system was fine but we didn't have any specific animations for objects as they would just fly across the screen. Each throwable has its own animation giving it more of a throwing momentum instead of a glide.


We decided it was a good time now that most mechanics are fixed and implemented to look at the unity shader graph and what we can achieve visually. Unity recently added a position setting to the shader graph, we can now use it for things such as shields that hover over enemies etc. We ended up creating the over shield, and lava shader and had some fun experimenting with what we can do with the shader graph.


Elemental shields are in! this means that enemies (or the player) with an elemental shield will block all damage from that particular element until the shield is gone. With our new shader system we can make a variety of enemies that make the core game play more challenging and interesting.

AI Improvements

AI made some progress during the week, most importantly, they can now take cover as well as follow a patrol route. The patrol route will allow the user to observe and predict enemies movements and then plan their attack accordingly. The AI also now accounts for verticality, when going up stairs they will now shoot at the correct times rather than constantly as previously which lead to the enemies shots missing the player.

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