The Magic Missile Team

We aim to create specifically tailored games that contain unique and vibrant worlds, that can invoke feelings of happiness and wonder. Through incomparable expanding worlds and intriguing game mechanics, we hope to provide players with these experiences through our games.

Joshua D'Agostino

Lead Designer / Director

Josh is Magic Missile's Lead Designer, joining the team in early 2019, he has helped push the team and now leads the studio towards making great games.

Deeon Burgan

Programmer / Producer

Initially joining the team as a capable Programmer, Deeon has also become Magic Missile's Producer and is helping the team create the best possible games they can make.

Michael Corben


Michael is one of Magic Missile's talented programmers.

David Condello


David is one of Magic Missile's Artists, as well as the primary Animator for the studio.

Jessica Money


Jess is one of the many Artists in Magic Missile.

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